I watched a little girl die today

For the last 5 years I have spent my weekends competing in autocross, today was supposed to be another day of dodging cones and palling around with friends. Instead, not long after the event started one of the junior karts failed to stop after the finish, went off course, and the 14 year old girl driving was killed when she was "clothes lined" by a braided steel cable "fence".

News Report (sad but work safe)

This was the first injury I've ever witnessed at an event and the first fatality at an SCCA autocross in our region (maybe at any region). The girl's parents are both autocross racers and were both at the event, emergency crews immediately responded, ambulances and a care flight helicopter responded within minutes but there was nothing anyone could have done.


The event was canceled, everyone was concerned for the child but we were unaware that by the time we had picked up the cones, changed our tires, and left the venue she was already gone.

There are many things from today that I will never forget and the sport I love will forever be tempered by those memories, but in a few weeks I will once again get up early on a weekend to stand around all day in a parking lot for the opportunity to dodge some cones.

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